Monday, July 27, 2009

I know it all will fit!

I now know what it is like living in England. We have had so much rain that our designation of a cool desert is in jeopardy. Yesterday, Pikes Peak had a dusting of snow. According to legend, we will have snow down here within six weeks. Our field is green, the sunflowers are peaking out , the trumpet vine has reached new heights, and the pumpkin vine will be stretching across the yard within the next week.

Pikes Peak is on the horizon. Oh, you don't see it, well imagine what it looks like as the sky is turning dark. Listen carefully and you can hear it rumble. The raindrops are again tumbling to earth and sharp light dashes across the angry sky. What great weather for more weeds.

Joe left last week for a hot air balloon festival in Lorraine, the northeast section of France . He is flying with our good friend, Dave Johnson, from England. Can you imagine flying with two pilots in one balloon?????
I leave tomorrow to travel to Amy's. Our house is rented until August 6th, so I will have to work for my keep. I imagine that she has my list made.

Will everything fit? That is my carry on. It is stuffed. I still have eight more pounds I can place in one bag. The other bag has not been weighed.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer. Now, I know these white daisies will be yellow sunflowers when I arrive in the south of France.


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