Thursday, December 24, 2009

...T'is the Night Before Christmas....

From England we wish you a...................

The fire tries to take the chill from the air and we wait patiently for the stockings to be hung.

Maggie sits waiting for Santa to slip down the chimney.

Snowflakes fell creating a slippery path down Egham hill to the village and train.
Village streets are narrow with trees at a precarious angle above.

Molly's food box has arrived from the English countryside. The treasures inside? Bacon, gammon, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, butter, eggs. We are almost ready.

A lingering stop at Neal's Yard for our English cheeses. The crowd gathers for a tiny taste to find the perfect country cheese for the holiday table. Now to savor!
Carnaby Street continues to have the flavor of yesteryears. It brought smiles.

Finally, I read The Christmas Carol and saw Scrooge flying above the streets of London.

No snow right now for Christmas---just London rain. Poor snowman!

Cookies were made---and all of them have been eaten. Some did arrive at the neighbors' doorsteps.

We wish all a .....

Happy Christmas to all. May your holiday be filled with good friends, foods, and lots of laughter!


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