Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who ever guessed?

We have news! Our lovely little Lili is now Louis lV! We got this message from the wonderful people who have had Lili, whoops, Louis lV in their care for the last two weeks:

"Lille, la chat, turns out to be Louis iv(after your street #).He was becoming cautiously social with us by the time we left La Tonnellerie.However, we are all very concerned about him being left in your house.He loves to climb your curtains & he has made some ‘pulls’ in your Pashminas,which were draped over the back of your Chair in the salon.I have tucked them away under the sofa cushions.Upon our arrival, we found a broken jam jar on the kitchen floor & he had torn up an entire roll of paper towel under the sink! So, you see, he is as curious as a kitten on his cavorting journey to adulthood!!! We were totally entertained each evening at about 7pm.He romped & rolled & has learned to climb your newell stair post.He all but swung from the ropes on the stair."

Can you imagine such a sweet face could cause so many laughs?

Oh, the Allens and their friends were wonderful to take care of her, whoops, him. He may be on a new adventure to a friends to become a vineyard kitten. I wonder if he likes wine? Who knows what will be next if his lifetime. Maybe, he will rejoin us the next time we visit.

A Bientot,

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  1. Sounds like a character--sweet! I love the beret! Classic! thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice notes!