Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis the Season to....

It's almost here and I can't wait! No presents are wrapped as Homeland Security would have all the fun of unwrapping them. After spending Christmas with my mother, we shall jump on the plane Christmas day and arrive in France just in time to create a second holiday with Molly and Billy, Amy and Matt (oh, and, three dogs, three cats, and, of course, Amy's nieces, Ari and Emmie, who will be watching the sky for Santa).

Isn't Santa wonderful spanning a passageway in the neighboring village of Uzes? Many of the stores in the village will have on their holiday finery. Lights line the streets and everyone is ready for the big night.

Late on Christmas Eve, Joe and I along with our friends, Kathy and Pete, will don our elf's hats and go to NORAD (the Air Force facility here in Colorado Springs) to answer calls from little ones from around the world. Children are eager to know exactly where Santa is and we will be giving them up to the minute information of his precise location from a large screen in front of the room which follows his journey. Almost 100,000 calls will come in during the 24 hours that Santa travels the Earth. We will spend two hours constantly answering some of those calls. If you have some curious ones in your house, go online and see where Santa is. It does get pretty exciting!
Have a wonderful holiday. We shall write next from France with all the excitement of a French holiday.

Joyeux Noël,

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