Friday, September 25, 2009

Market Day and .....

my basket was full. Amy's first comment was not to give the mum to anyone as it was a sign that there has been a death.

Florence, my neighbor, sells at the market each week her wonderful array of colors.

Friends meet and discuss the adventures of the day.

Some conversations are more animated!

It was a beautiful fall day, but difficult to decide whether to dress warm,

or cool.

If you are selling delicious chevre cheese, you must wear your heels.

However if you are buying, wear glittery comfort.

After you have purchased your cheese, visit the wine maker from our village for that perfect bottle of wine.

This gentleman was a little chilly.

Ah, but not being sure of the weather, this gentleman dressed for all.

Polka dots always make a day brighter.

Or maybe you wish to wear your tulle.

As is the style of the south, you may wish to dress in layers.

This lovely lady is always at the market selling the wines of her convent.

No matter your age,

you will always find your place at the market.

Wasn't it fun to have your morning coffee with me at the Wednesday market?
Listen to the markets sounds below. Join me on Saturday?


  1. I love the pictures! I was drinking my coffee as I scrolled through. You have a great way of capturing the feel of the city. Have a safe trip home. Love from the Switzer-Klings.

  2. Love it! I am so envious of your change of scenery. Hope to see you when you get back

  3. I always love a market. Thank you for visiting French Essence, xv.

  4. What a lovely post from the French market Cindy. I'd love to stroll along with you, and then sit down with a caffee latte