Monday, January 11, 2010

It Almost Stopped!

Two things I adore doing are sitting at a long dining table with friends eating and discussing the world and....

going to the lively Saturday market in Uzés.

This Saturday, however, was a sight I have never seen. The Place aux Herbes was snow covered, quiet and without its normal excitement and activity.

Terriors, our favorite outdoor restaurant, hadn't even opened its doors.

There was the pasta and Italian cheese vendor,

three fish sellers,

 (Can you imagine how cold her hands are, but, how oh, so delicious those fresh scallops will taste.)

one hat and ear muff salesman who was constantly busy!  Don't you love the bright umbrella for display?

Snow had curtailed the market.  No wine, honey, fresh mushrooms, linens, purses, pork, and all the other vendors who were at home warm in front of the fire.

Yes, meeting friends, we did find one café that had remained open and were ready for us to warm ourselves.

Next Saturday the market will be taken over by pigs, omelets, scales, and strange little gems called truffles.  I can't wait.  For lunch Saturday, our son in law prepared delicious scrambled eggs with the first truffle of the season which was given to Amy by Francoise, a choir friend.  YUM!

Here, a lady, buys a truffle at the market.A scale which was constantly cleaned and a brush dusting away dirt for true weight are the buyer's friend. Next week we will find out the going price for these treasures. 


 I do hope it warms up for next weeks fête.



  1. I hope the market gets back to full speed soon! France with snow is such a weird thought although I can't say I've seen Uzes much in the Winter months. But it is meant to serve as my imagined oasis while I am holed up here in the Canadian cold! My imagined oasis can't have snow! (Although now I guess it can *sigh*)

    Absolutely adorable though

  2. Hello Cindy, I'm happy you left a comment on my blog !! I like yours and your experience . Provence is not as sunny and warm as it is supposed to be !
    Uzes is so charming (even with snow).
    I like your idea of french spirit