Sunday, May 30, 2010

Four for One Tile?

Last winter when I learned of Victor, the former owner of our home here in Vers Pont du Gard, I was excited about meeting him.  Now, I think Victor has been with us all this time.  This spring two different vacationers encountered Victor, not seeing him but, seeing some of his antics.  Our first friends stayed in our house for two weeks and one day, suddenly, a picture fell from the bedroom wall.  Hmmmm.
And a week later another friend encountered Victor as a second picture in the salon came crashing to the floor (They said the party wasn't that rambunctious).   This was not the only happening the week they were here.  In the courtyard a tile shattered from high above into the courtyard.   Hmmmm.
This makes me wonder.  Had the two tiles in the front of the house, one dropping into the street and the other half off the roof, been Victor's doing also?
Michele and Axel, our neighbors, felt they could replace those tiles until they saw the wires they would have to dodge, the overhanging roof, and the height of the ladder.  Quickly, they choose to remain grounded.
In a small village, there is always someone who knows someone who is perfect to fix things.  Axel found the perfect gentleman who was going to re-stick our tiles.  The terracotta tiles for replacement were piled under the stone sink in the courtyard.  
The ladder, having to be placed in the street, caused some traffic problems while Joe and Axel bravely steadied it.  As several cars had to slow, the courteous drivers were very patient.
Our neighbor, a roofer, from around the corner valiantly climbed the ladder, reached over the overhang, and our tiles have returned to the roof.
Is Victor still with us?   For now, he is comfortable and silent. 
Only time will tell.

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