Sunday, May 2, 2010

Not in France!

We are lost.  Well, not really, however we are no longer in France but spending a week in Tuscany at an organic cooking school.  Our Christmas present was a week for our whole family experiencing the Italian countryside, seeing organic farms and wineries and visiting Florence and Siena.  Our dear friend, Pete, is joining us along with a honeymooning couple from England.
We arrived yesterday to be greeted by enormous pots of lemon trees and Shilpa who is the director of us for the week.  
The villa, Bacío, stands on a hill overlooking the Tuscan countryside.  The name means that the winds also visit the hill which they are doing well this morning along with a not so gentle rain.

The wisteria covers many building and the pool looked so inviting----yesterday.

As everyone arrived from different directions, the conversation became quite animated.
As the wind had arrived on this Tuscan hill, we gathered at the limonaia for dinner.
Our dinner this evening was presented by Shilpa, the coordinator, and Christina, the wine expert who will also be taking us through an olive oil tasting.  The alfresco evening included organic wines, both red and white, along with Tuscan beans in tomato sauce, fresh fava beans with pecorino, grilled vegetables, cheeses, both goat and cow, of the area, potato salad with chard, and green salad.  What a delightful way to begin the week.
For breakfast this morning was an organic bread, butter and honey of the area and a focaccia which we brought from Noli.  
Oh, and as the strawberries arrive on your tables this spring, try them sprinkled with a little sugar with a touch of lemon.  YUM!
Our week has begun under the gray Tuscan skies. 
The next adventure?  To see a bee keeper, wine maker, lunch in the Tuscan hills and back to the villa to prepared tonight's feast.

Ciao, Cindy

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