Thursday, April 21, 2011

....And The Lights Went Our In Vers Pont du Gard....

Yes, the lights went out in Vers.  Now, they were to be on at 3:00, well, maybe 4:00.  The boulangerie could not bake the bread, the grocery could not sell the cheese, the bar, however, was quite active.  Pierre and Albert arrived at our door to tell us the lights would be out until 8:00.
Neighbors began to gather....
The boys in our doorway.
The girls across the road.
More neighbors find their way to our door.
 And soon the wine began to be poured.
Potato chips, the most wonderful snack in France, arrived.
 Doors to houses were left open as more joined the group.
Occasionally, we had to depart the street to let the tractor pass or the bus or the many cars who said "Bon Appeit" as they passed..
And the mayor had to join the conversation about the outage (It is his birthday tomorrow, you know)
 Albert brought a delicious wine and more chips.
It was such a delightful evening that when the lights finally came on we were disappointed.

John and Jean began the departure of the group.  Each saying what fun it was to meet in the street.
Ah, warm weather, no computers, no TVs and friends.
We are smiling!

Bon Soir!


  1. Hi Cindy
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love to travel and very envious you are living in France. I will be in Italy next month teaching and in Nantes France next year. I love to travel and feel very fortunate that I have had these wonderful experiences. I will add your blog to my list and will follow your travels.

  2. Cindy,
    You're right, those Ramsign numbers would have looked fabulous and very much at home on your darling stone cottage decked out with blue shutters. Lucky you! It looks like you're living the life. Tell me more about your French maison. What do you charge? More photos to see? Thanks again for visiting me. -susan