Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring? Not Yet!

As the winds howl, we know that Spring is not trying to come to Colorado yet, however, when we left France , Spring was on its way.

Some of you will remember last year when I planted the daffodils in the Fall for Molly's April wedding in France. Yes, they bloomed wonderfully... in March. And before we left in January this year, they were peeking out of the soil ready for an early rising.

Driving through the countryside, we noticed that the fields were changing. Long rows of plastic covered the Spring crop of asparagus which by now should be seeing the world. Amy's first comment was that Spring is on the way when the striped fields appear.

Behind Matt, you can see the bones of the pruned grape vines marching down the fields ready for their spring finery. However, each morning when we arrived in the fields to prune, the green vegetation was all dressed in a lacy covering of frost, a wonderful way to enjoy the chilly French mornings.

Orion is high in the Colorado night sky, a sure sign that the seasons will be changing. I just know that Spring can't be too far away! Yes, I know, we still have two months before we will see the daffodils---if we are lucky!

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