Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Close to New Year's!

OK, OK, I am at least two, well, now thirteen days late. First, my computer was hospitalized and than, I couldn't find any of my pictures. And instead of New Year's it is Valentine's Day. Pretend it is still January!

In France, Christmas cards are usually not sent but New Year's cards are, all during the month of January. On our morning visit to the boulangerie (bakery) two days after the first of January there was a box of the greatest cards obviously designed by children. Bright colors, shiny papers, wonderful paintings adorn these cards wishing the receiver a Happy New Year. The sign read, 4 for 1 euro. Of course, I thought we needed some to send next year to our friends. In our wonderful French, Joe asked who had made them. The school children were raising money for an activity. Needless to say, I had to purchase more of these works of art.

Later that week, we had coffee with friends and here is their Christmas, no New Year's card. Michel is a painter/photographer and Cristelle is a sculptor. Visit their website for a real treat. The name of their gallery is Open Galerie and Michele's photos can be found at Open Photo.

I guess I will leave you with a wish for a Happy Valentine's Day. At least I am early for this holiday!


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