Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is It Just A.....

Ah, yes, another pastry. And I thought I would not see any more this winter.

I am sitting in the sunshine in the village square. All around me are the voices of the morning market. Winter vegetables are in abundance: cabbage, leeks, chard, carrots, all the colors of winter. Some apples appear, along with the squashes but most of the colors are the whites and greens that have survived the chill of the season.

People rush back and forth filling their baskets and talking with friends of the village. The market not only provides dinner but a chance to catch up on all of the news. The mime dresses as the children anticipate his silent movements.

Of course, on market day, we have to have our cafe creme along with one of those marvelous pastries. It is so difficult to make a decision. The sun warms us in the chill weather.

Ah, yes, it is only a dream. Here I sit on my patio with its view of Pikes Peak enjoying a cup of green tea and a cookie in the silence of winter! Soon, soon, pastries will again be on my plate!

Sweet Dreams,


  1. I love your market shots - aren't the French markets just the best. Thank you for visiting French Essence, xv.

  2. What a lovely blog you have Cindy.
    I have bookmarked it!