Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Smile

In the last hour, we welcomed Spring. 

The weather today is gorgeous and the open windows are letting the warmth in. 

We walked out of town to make the acquaintance of a delightfully curious donkey.  Look carefully to see his donkey window in the fence with a comfortable place to rest his neck.  Alas, I am sure he was expecting a carrot, however, we just had fresh grasses.

Entering the village, drums sounded in the distance along with a gaggle of children's voices  The park was alive with children all in colorful costumes.  Soon a line formed and a parade through the village began.

Inquiring as to the occasion, I was told it was a celebration to rid the troubles of winter and to welcome the warm spring.  What fun to see all the little ones from the Vers School in their many costumes of medieval maidens, knights, and of course, brides and football (soccer players) enjoying this spring day.

As we enjoyed the sound of laughter and tambourines, we were a welcome target for glitter and confetti.

And one last taste of spring from the morning market.........

Á bientôt, 

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