Monday, April 12, 2010

Where, Oh, Where?

As many of you know, in Colorado I have an entire wall of enclosed storage for my large serving items, dishware, glasses, and things and foods I love to use for cooking and entertaining.  When we bought our home here, the kitchen had a very old sink of unknown character  We had to add everything.  Very simply, I have a minimal area, not an American kitchen.

In our kitchen this is my open area to store things.  I do not have large serving bowls, platters, or trays even though in the summer in the courtyard we have had 15 for dinner.  Everything is used to serve.

Yesterday, a beautiful Spring morning, we ambled through the countryside, visited Medieval villages where you might be able to get one car thru the passages, and discovered a brocante (flea market).  Now, brocantes are like magnets---they pull us in.  I know there must be that perfect treasure.  It  was waiting for us---two wooden bookcases to place our many books.  Alas, someone had already acquired that treasure.  However, on a table with a very eager gentleman, a soup tureen which would be perfect for vegetables, salads, soup, even a plant.  Yes, very multipurpose.  And only---

I knew it was for us, as did that eager gentleman (I know his wife had told him not to bring any of "that" junk home!)  Before we realized it, we had bought that tureen...

and a few more things for the bargain price of 10 Euros.

Eight soup plates, twelve dinner plates, two small casseroles were now ours.  Ah, but that was not all,

there are twelve more plates, not quit the same pattern.  Twenty-four people will be able to join us for dinner and the eager gentleman and his wife are happy.
Our dilemma, where will this new dinnerware find a home?  Ah, brocantes, you never know what you will need!
Á la prochaine,

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog - really appreciated :)
    When I went to US, my biggest surprise was, that everything was sooooo big! I can easily say, double size of the same item in Europe. Fridge? double size - many things...
    so different..