Friday, April 23, 2010

Asparagus? It Must Be Spring

Sunday, one of those beautiful Provencal spring days.  Our village had a festival---Fête de l'Asperge.
  The Place Aux Plantanes was bustling with local producers,
 olive oils,
freshly baked breads
(Joe talking with the baker)
 and asparagus. 
The covered fields in our area are producing white, green and purple asparagus, so freshly picked that the flavors of spring burst forth.
Local restaurants tempted us with asparagus laden foods----
Lisa M's with her wonderful salad menu and my selection,

and asparagus omelets freshly made by Le Versoise
As the people sat with friends in the Place for lunch, an accordionist added lively music and those around him enjoyed joining in the festivities.
One gentlemen set up his purple covered table along with his bottle of wine on his terrasse to watch over the festivities.
But to me, the most fun of the day came late in the afternoon when local cooks arrived with their asparagus creations.  
Waiting to be judged or putting on the last finishing touches

the chefs anxiously watch as their creations are tasted by a panel of judges.
Each dish was carefully observed, tasted, and savored before the scores were recorded.
Along with our mayor, Marc Poulon, and another gentleman (who must have been important as he was in a suit!), Lisa Muncan of our innovative local restaurant, Lisa M and Jérome Nuile of the two star Le Castellas in Collias, enjoyed tasting each creation.
Alas, only three winners------and as I took so many pictures, my camera died, therefore, no pictures of those winners.

Next year, if you are visiting us in spring, don't miss Vers Pont du Gard's Fête de l'Asperge.  We will meet you for lunch.

Thank you, Eva and all your helpers, who put on such a delightful fête.


  1. I am very sorry I missed that!

  2. Hello Lisa,

    What a treat for the eyes your blog is! Joe sent me a link as I also featured La fete d'asperges on my blog, Magical Medieval Makeover- small world indeed.

    Ginny Blackwell