Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attempting to Complete a Mission!

Yes, we have to do it. Leaving France last Spring, we had not completed our mission---to try all of the pastries at the wonderful patisserie in Uzes, Savarin. As you can see, the case is very full and because of our daughter's wedding we just did not have enough time. We can't wait to have an excuse to continue our quest.
Tomorrow we are off to Paris and the TGV to
Avignon. The harvest of the grapes at our daughter and son-in-law's vineyard, La Gramiere( ), will begin the beginning of September. Once again we shall spend our liesurely retirement picking grapes, carrying full buckets, hauling crates, stomping grapes (well, we tried it), tasting the juice, and finally, listening to the wine ferment in the vats.
Of course, we will need to begin immediately to sample the pastries in order to complete our mission. Join us!


  1. I get to be the first commenter? Great! First, congrats on your new blog site. Two, the "About Me" link didn't work. Is it really a link? Three, same with "Cindy and Joe" and I was looking forward to what you have to say here. Keep us posted on the harvest and the happenings in downtown Vers. Best Regards, Steve

    PS; Give my best to the folks at the bar. The last time I was there I had my hand shaken by 9 Frenchmen, one Brit, and three Frenchwomen! All for no reason except to be friendly!

  2. Oh, Steve, all the same people are there plus a band! OK,OK so I haven't written anything about me. Harvest will be late. We were out there yesterday and the grapes are delicious but still sour. They should be wonderful, but at least 2 weeks late.