Monday, August 25, 2008

Have a seat----here is your fork.....

Yes, you will need your fork. The time was finally right (gosh, I think anytime is right) to begin our current research. The morning was beautiful, a little cool, perfect for coffee and oh, a pastry. Savarin had every pastry imaginable as it was market day and others had the same idea as we did. Joe pondered and pondered. I didn't! La Tulipe had been gently calling my name since our trip in February. Today, it yelled out very loudly! It is a crepe filled with a chestnut creme and candied chestnuts on top. Joe was still looking. His decision, La Plasier, a chocolate and vanilla yummy. Naturally, the name means pleasure/delight. Be sure to savor every bite. Would you believe each of these cost 2.10 Euros? Hmmm, I guess I had better begin dreaming about my next choice.

A Bientot, Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy,

    You are ruining my health - delightfully!
    Every time I see your tantalising, mouthwatering confections I am overcome by a great desire which becomes a reality to try and discover some pastry at the local shop which fills the vacuum!

    I guess the walk to the shopping centre is probably sufficient excercise to burn off the calories!!
    Well that is my excuse and I intend indulging more in this new weight loosing diet!


  2. Dearest Bill,
    When are you coming down to have coffee with us. We can't wait. How about next week for harvest? It is really late this year.