Friday, August 22, 2008

.....A New Surprise Member of the Family

Yes, as I told several of you, our adventure began within 33 minutes of arriving at the house. The train was late so Amy was right on time to pick us up. If you have not had a ride on the TGV (very fast train----180 miles per hour) put that on your thing to do, however, do it with one small suitcase as you are on your own carrying everything-----even a new Mah Jongg set!

As we were upstairs at the house we heard male voices in the salon. Amy went right down and there were two of our neighbors to greet us and announce that there was to be a block party right in front of the house next Monday. We can't wait to meet more of our neighbors---well, at least we can say, "Bonjour! Hmmmm, what will I take American to eat? Fried chicken and potato salad?

Amy was off. Actually, she returned in five minutes with a very sheepish look on her face. She had found a kitty on the road and just knew we would love to have it. Isn't our daughter thoughtful to think about us? The picture shows what we saw of the "Little One" for two days. She was very loud and demanding but has a very gentle meow when she wants. Yes, we are seeing more of her each day, but she loves to hide in the tiles in the courtyard. We have found that Joe's ham he has for lunch is a great enticement. She also is borrowing her cousin (and our first grandcat), Chloe's, basket for awhile as Chloe spends the evening visiting her neighborhood.
We do need an appropriate name for our little friend. If you have any ideas, we would love help.



  1. Molly told us about the cat!

    Very endearing creatures but with a penchant for small song birds. Shed loads of food is the answer to to that one!
    I really am looking forard to some of the unique culinary delights that you will discover and describe so mouthwateringly (is there such a word - if not there should be!) on all our behalves in the next few weeks.


  2. What a sweetheart--really cute! those eyes...