Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh, So French!

Can you believe how French this kitten is? Larry Slate decided her/him's name should be Lili and designed a bowl just for her. That made us all smile. Any more ideas?

Yesterday, we went hunting for blackberries in the vineyard. If we had had stilts we would have been much more successful, however, we did have enough to add to a Reine Claude (greengage to us) plum tart which we took to dinner at one of Amy's friends homes. It was a beautiful summer evening with a brilliant red sunset. If one wished, one could swim before dinner (see a tiny bit of the pool to the left) See the beehive oven from Portugal? The entire dinner was cooked in it (oh, except 3 totally different desserts all made by 3 different people and all having Reine Claude plums from yesterday's market. Yum!) Right now the tomatoes are wonderful. The taste is something we have forgotten in the U.S. Lucy cut large tomatoes in half, added slices of garlic, herbs from around her house (rosemary and thyme), olive oil and the oven cooked them beautifully in about 5 minutes. Very Provencal! We bought tomatoes at the market today and they will have to go on our grill.

As dinner was so delicious, and conversation was so diverse, we missed the movie Azur and Asmar which was showing in the park (place) just down the street! Maybe next time.

A Bientot!



  1. Ahh! Tomatoes - how I love them!
    This year I have grown an excellent crop of Tigerella (Mr Stripey - esculentum), Pure Black Cherry - lycoperisicn)and Lovehart (Cutie - esculentum).
    Molly has enjoyed the taste of these rather rare varieties.
    But indeed how I hunger for the old French varieties that are bursting with taste and have not been cross bred - envy!, envy!

    I have also grown a very ancient Tomato that I tracked down in Germany with a very old English long forgotten history with a taste of yesteryear called Green Sausage and a flavour to die for!

    I nevertheless still think of French tomatoes!

    Hmm! a vist to Cap Grinez is called for.


  2. Hey! Great to see "Lili" posted.

    Our Fourteener-climbing friend, Don Lipps, suggests: Fifi l'aimable petit tigre