Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yes, the Perfect Car

I have been going to a neighboring town of St. Siffert for the last three weeks to meet with Blanche, an "almost" five year old, who wants to learn how to read. We climbed the stairs each evening to her room to sound our letters and go "shopping" in her house of art for the letter sounds (Blanche's Dad is an art dealer---what fun their house is.) Maude, Blanche's sister, always brings me a cup of tea as we sit and talk about the day.

Thursday upon jumping into the car, traveling through the narrow, dark, winding roads, down the hill with French headlights almost touching my tail lights, something happened to the car. No power steering. I did get home carefully turning thru the four round abouts and the following day the car went into the hospital.

Now we are traveling in style. We have Amy's car. It was an old postal car and has seen many roads and hills in its life. It is air conditioned as every time I open the window, it falls out. This morning it is raining and I must go to the market for some treasures to bring home. It always is an interesting ride in this wonderful, vineyard vehicle.

Yes, we are returning to the states early Sunday morning. The house is beginning to sparkle again after having Molly and Billy's two dogs vacationing with us. It is ready for the next lucky people who will be journeying to our area. This is our great desk for writing your notes home.

(Ah, we are now home to snow and single digits. Brrrrrr.)

I have lots more stories to tell about our French life and send them on to you. Can't wait.


P.S. We did arrive home in snow last night. And the temperatures? In the single digits!

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Friends are selling their home in the next hill town of Castillon du Gard. If you are thinking about a new life, you may want to visit their website. The view is amazing over the vineyards!

Wouldn't that pool be wonderful this summer?
Do see their web site for more views.

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