Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Interlude...

Arriving in the south of France, we had no where to put our heads. As we decided to come earlier than expected, we had rented our house to some delightful Canadians. They will be on their way home Thursday, and we shall move into our home in Vers.

We are staying in the apartment that extends from Amy's house and sits over the area where she stores her wines. It is a great apartment. As you can see, as we enter, the railing is faux bois, fake wood. The metal edging on the roof tells of a different era as do the windows that cast light on the stairs.

A small kitchen is big enough to turn around. The two other rooms remind us of another time. Long French doors open to oversee the green courtyard. In winter the room tries to be warmed by the stove, but alas, is not very effective. The walls have been stripped of their former wallpaper, leavingan amazing coral color with texture that can't be duplicated today. The baseboard was carefully painted on the wall echoing the wallpaper. When we first saw the apartment heavy dark velvet drapes remained at the windows. Today they are free of their darkness.

The tiles are designs of the region. Each creating its own identity to a room.

The most important room contains a bathtub perfect for a gnome. Yes, there is a place to sit, however, do not plan to stretch out and dream.

As we look out over the vineyards, the sun settles in the western sky. The bed is so comfortable morning arrives too early. As you can see, Matt's little green chair is a perfect step for me to tumble into bed.

Such a delightful place to spend an interlude.

À bientôt,


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