Saturday, August 29, 2009

Le Weekend Begins

And it began with a party, our second annual neighborhood party. Invitations had been handed out to all the residences on six different streets to join together, each bringing a "plat salé ou sucre"(a plate salty or sweet) and a drink. When I say six streets, some may have only 2 homes, while ours has six houses.

Late afternoon was warm----no hot. The village would allow us to use their tables and chairs, however, we had to bring them to our street. Joe and four others were given that job. The tables are three meters (3 yards + ) long each weighing about 80 pounds. Chairs were gathered and a beer had to be had to solve the next dilemma.

There was one problem during the late afternoon and five men gathered to solve it. How to hang one light to highlight our featured art of the evening.

Our dining area is across the street, right in front of our home where there is a small place bumped out in the road. It is perfect for an evening under the stars. After the tables were carefully placed, the decorating began. Votives from Molly's wedding, plants for the tables, Michel's wonderful paintings, pictures from others home, lanterns from others, and music to fill the air.

Seven bells rang from the church tower and people began to gather, bottles of wines and fresh foods in hand. Albert and Pierre arrived with their vin d'orange and sangria for all to savor. The air was filled with voices of old and new friendships. The evening air was alive with conversations. Finally, Axel presented his "wursts" which he had brought from Germany and grilled in the courtyard. Each plate began to be filled with fresh salads, tarts, fruits of the countryside. Wine filled glasses with toasts to the evening.

As darkness descended, candles glowed from each table and the windows of our house. Twelve o'clock arrives with conversations continuing to fill the evening. Alas, eyes grew tired and silence returned to the street.

As I opened the shutters this morning, I wondered, was it all a pleasant dream? Ah, no, as the neighbors passed the window this morning, each stopped to say what a wonderful evening!

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