Thursday, August 13, 2009

Six Whole Days!!!???!!!

A schedule of events arrived at our door with six, yes, six days of festivities.

I think something is about to happen in our village of Vers Pont du Gard. The road in front of our house is one way. Now, as some of you know when you step out the front door you need to be sure to look to the right and beware. Alas, the "do not enter one way signs"( our street is on the right) are covered with black garbage bags and traffic is zooming past in both directions (rather difficult when there is only room for one car at a time!).

Large fences circle the Place des Platanes. Soon they will be moved to tightly close the street from any wondering bulls.

Chairs are stacked in the Place and cooking on an open grill are four carcasses turning a golden brown. Under each lamb is a large pan of beans and other vegetables catching all of the warm drippings. The spits are rotating slowly, powered by car batteries. In our courtyard, the aroma arrives to hungry tummies.

Outside of the bar, tables fill the plaza. After the big boule competition, all followed the stone way to the bar to celebrate the victor. Ah, one of the finalist was a young lady who did very well against the harden gentlemen.

In the Place du Marché, which is one street behind our home, a carnival and stage are in place.

This evening there were drinks down our street in the Place. Whiskey, pastis, wine from our mayor's vineyard along with soft drinks for the villagers to enjoy. A Provencal band entertained all well into the evening.

Six days! Two of our neighbors have their bags packed to escape the village for the weekend. Two other neighbors found ear plugs at the pharmacy. We have heard that at 3 AM we will be able to dance to the evening's music in our courtyard. This will be an adventure. We shall experience another bit of summer village life.

Now, do you think our local statue is also thinking about how he can escape? I wonder.

If you click on any of the pictures they will become larger. Listen to the music below. Enjoy

À bientôt,

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