Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Brocante Day

Sunday, yes, it is the day to travel to Uzès for the brocante, the flea market. As some of you know when we bought the house, we would spend every Sunday at the brocante finding treasures to dress up the house.

Today, we found a wonderful chair for the courtyard. Never mind that the seat has rusted through. As you can see Joe is overwhelmed with excitement for the purchase.

Yes, I do know exactly where it will go. A plant on the seat and tucked in the corner it now has a new home. I think for evening a candle would create the perfect effect.

Three small glasses at the wonderful price of 70 centimes made their way to our house, also. They are joined by a bottle of homemade mirabelle, a digestive (actually, it burns a hole right through all of the food you have eaten). It was made from a small yellow mirabelle plum and is a speciality of the area Joe was in to balloon.

And next Sunday? I am sure there will be some new irresistible treasures!

Á bientôt,


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