Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Fête!

The signs are all here. 

Our one way street sign as been covered.  Ah, there is no way for two cars to pass at one time on this village road.  The French, when learning to drive, must first learn how to back a car before driving forward.
Black bags cover the one way signs!

Note our one way signs. 
Grand boule tournaments are played by young and old with great cash prizes.

Barriers have arrived and been installed.
Houses have been shuttered and vacated (all except us on our street!---and friends from Nice who are here.  Patrice is the 14th generation to live in the house.).

The trucks with the cows and the gorgeous Carmargue white horses are parked in the shade.
The leavings of a horse from the noon arrival (abrivado) rest in the street.
The ambulance awaits in case of injuries.
The sound test for the concerts are clearly heard in our courtyard.
This is last evening performance.
Yes, it is our Fête Votive.  Every town, no matter its size in southern France has a Fête Votive. Ours will continue until Monday with the town youth chasing bulls down the street, wonderful gatherings for apertifs and breakfasts for the villagers, carnival for the very young, and the concert every evening until at least 2 AM for those who can stay up that late---or those who live close to the Place de Cerise where the concert is held.
Enjoy your quiet weekend.  Here, we will be listening to live, loud music.


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