Friday, August 27, 2010

To Market, To Market

It is market day in Saint Quentin la Poterie.  This market we never miss as it has one of our favorite producers from the neighboring town of Saint Sieffret.  The colors of the fruits and vegetable arriving in the market are a sign of the 
coming season.
.....and the colors continue....

The delicious pineapple tomato is as large as your hand.
The Black Crim, thinly sliced on toast drizzled with olive oil topped with buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil, is heaven.
You do have your choice of color.  The morning a white tomato appeared.  Yes, it was added to our basket.
 The price of these heirloom tomatoes?  Less than $1.25 a pound.  YUM!
The treat is that the producers are there each week to sell their treasures.
All fruits and vegetable must have their place of origin.  As this is a producers' market, their names are included on the signs.  Even in the grocery stores you know where your food was grown as the countries are displayed along side the produce.
Can you imagine how delicious this jam would be on a cold winter's morning?
Tomato sauce with pasta is delicious made from the classic tomato.  Stock up your freezer for winter meals.
Other vegetables?  Just look and see.
All at today's market.  No you can understand how very spoiled we are.  Our food is so fresh and flavorful.  Amy and Matt are having a large picnic in the vineyards Sunday evening.  I wonder, how can I use those tomatoes?  Any ideas?
Bon week-end,


  1. I love your pictures Cindy! What a lovely feast you will have this sunday. Enjoy!

  2. The tomatoes look yummy. One of my favorite things to do both in Provence and in Northern California is go to the farmer's markets. I pick out cases of heirloom tomatoes for our Bistro Des Copains. We sell plate after plate of heirloom tomato salad.