Sunday, August 8, 2010


It was early.  Six fifty AM.  The phone rang.  The familiar ring of Amy's cell phone.  "I am in the vineyard and they are ripping up the vines."
 Arriving ten minutes later, a gigantic tractor was attacking the forty year old vines.
 A large claw and a chain made its way down the rows of grape laden vines, pulling each up and leaving the remains on the hard ground.
The EU is paying vignerons to pull up and replant their vineyards.  These vines had not been pruned during the blustery winter and were loaded with grapes, many so small there would be no juices.  The plants, many a yellow green, were stressed from providing food to the abundant fruits.
Duning the winter months, vines are trimmed back to produce a minimum of healthy grapes.  These vines will produce full, vibrant wines in September.  The grapes, which are beginning to gain color, are plump and uniform on the pruned vines.
The giant red tractor took a swath through the vineyard
leaving behind vines,
withered grapes,
and lonely spaces
where the sounds of cigales fill the evening air.
Winter will bring the replanting of the vines as the rains will nourish them.  This all had to be completed by July 31 as the EU did not want the vignerons to be using the grapes in this years harvest.
It was rather sad watching a plant so old and comfortable in its surroundings being left to dry in the winds and sun.
À toute à l'heure,

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