Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To Summer and the Harvest!

Walking through the vineyards tasting the grapes along the way told us harvest was near.
With a chill in the air and the grapes the deepest purple, September must be peeking around the corner.
Summer's end is notice for a picnic in the vineyard.  The note that went out said to bring a dish to share and any new friends.  Wine would be of the vineyard where the picnic will be held, Lauzette.
Along with the guests came foods of the season.  Here in the Gard, one can tell the month by the foods that are shared. Figs freshly picked from the tree on the country road.
Roasted nectarines plump with a rosy, golden glow.
A summer potato salad bursting with many flavors of the garden.
Savory madeleines filled with the flavors of Southern France:  dried tomato, rosemary, olive tapenade, cheese, and roasted red pepper.  So much wonderful food filled the tables.
And yes, the Liss' brought the most important treat to Amy---Oreos!
People gathered to enjoy a goodbye to summer.
As the sun slipped behind the hills, we all looked forward to the harvest to come and the new La Gramiere 2010 which will soon be created by those plump, purple globes.
Á bientôt,

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