Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is It Just A.....

Ah, yes, another pastry. And I thought I would not see any more this winter.

I am sitting in the sunshine in the village square. All around me are the voices of the morning market. Winter vegetables are in abundance: cabbage, leeks, chard, carrots, all the colors of winter. Some apples appear, along with the squashes but most of the colors are the whites and greens that have survived the chill of the season.

People rush back and forth filling their baskets and talking with friends of the village. The market not only provides dinner but a chance to catch up on all of the news. The mime dresses as the children anticipate his silent movements.

Of course, on market day, we have to have our cafe creme along with one of those marvelous pastries. It is so difficult to make a decision. The sun warms us in the chill weather.

Ah, yes, it is only a dream. Here I sit on my patio with its view of Pikes Peak enjoying a cup of green tea and a cookie in the silence of winter! Soon, soon, pastries will again be on my plate!

Sweet Dreams,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring? Not Yet!

As the winds howl, we know that Spring is not trying to come to Colorado yet, however, when we left France , Spring was on its way.

Some of you will remember last year when I planted the daffodils in the Fall for Molly's April wedding in France. Yes, they bloomed wonderfully... in March. And before we left in January this year, they were peeking out of the soil ready for an early rising.

Driving through the countryside, we noticed that the fields were changing. Long rows of plastic covered the Spring crop of asparagus which by now should be seeing the world. Amy's first comment was that Spring is on the way when the striped fields appear.

Behind Matt, you can see the bones of the pruned grape vines marching down the fields ready for their spring finery. However, each morning when we arrived in the fields to prune, the green vegetation was all dressed in a lacy covering of frost, a wonderful way to enjoy the chilly French mornings.

Orion is high in the Colorado night sky, a sure sign that the seasons will be changing. I just know that Spring can't be too far away! Yes, I know, we still have two months before we will see the daffodils---if we are lucky!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Close to New Year's!

OK, OK, I am at least two, well, now thirteen days late. First, my computer was hospitalized and than, I couldn't find any of my pictures. And instead of New Year's it is Valentine's Day. Pretend it is still January!

In France, Christmas cards are usually not sent but New Year's cards are, all during the month of January. On our morning visit to the boulangerie (bakery) two days after the first of January there was a box of the greatest cards obviously designed by children. Bright colors, shiny papers, wonderful paintings adorn these cards wishing the receiver a Happy New Year. The sign read, 4 for 1 euro. Of course, I thought we needed some to send next year to our friends. In our wonderful French, Joe asked who had made them. The school children were raising money for an activity. Needless to say, I had to purchase more of these works of art.

Later that week, we had coffee with friends and here is their Christmas, no New Year's card. Michel is a painter/photographer and Cristelle is a sculptor. Visit their website for a real treat. The name of their gallery is Open Galerie and Michele's photos can be found at Open Photo.

I guess I will leave you with a wish for a Happy Valentine's Day. At least I am early for this holiday!