Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, YUM!

Too Small!

Oh, dear, way too small.

Ah, that is just about fill with all the sweets one needs to purchase. Where are we
you ask? Why, visiting the Haribo Museum and shop in the neighboring town of Uzes.. You know, the delicious Goldbears, Happy Cola, Rotella, Berries. All are a child's dream! That's why we visit! And yes, visitor's to the museum actually fill the roll around baskets with sweet treats to take home.

The museum is a treasure of the history of candy making especially of the Gold Bears. And as one travels thru the exhibits, you are able to taste some of Haribo's creations.

At the end of your adventure, there is a wonderful store where you can taste and purchase some of their sweets. Yes, Joe was like the kid in the candy store trying to decide on the perfect treat. Alas, there was no chocolate, but I got my favorite licorice Rotellas. Yum! It is one of my first stops when visiting our area.

Watching people exit the store is another adventure as they have made so many wonderful choices that the bags and boxes become very heavy. Be prepared for lots of fun, treasures and....