Monday, December 20, 2010

Five Days 'Til Christmas

No, it is not France, however, just as interesting.  We are in London, actually Egham, with Molly and Billy.  

After a 9 AM hot chocolate and schnapps in the snowy airport parking lot in Colorado Springs with Kathy and Pete, we were on our way to another snowy, cold adventure in the UK.

Yes, the afternoon of our arrival turned white and by the beginning of the next day the airports were no longer sending or receiving passengers.
Even though the weather was bitter, Santa (Billy) delivered a new package to the house.  Yes, Santa was early, but Princess Zoe Betty was ready for a new home.  She is joining Zeb and Iggy who are still wondering what this little thing is.
Zoe takes a lot of lap naps.  She does like Molly's warm floors as do we.

Sunday lunch took us to a pub in the English countryside.  If you have watched  Nancy Meyer's The Holiday, you know that Cameron Diaz's character walks to The Pot Kiln to sing Christmas carols with the other locals.
As you can see the menu has many servings of local game collected from the hills outside the door.  The parsnip curry soup was wonderful.
Billy's dad, Bill, always has animated conversations even without his wine as he was a designated driver!
Joe's venison could not have been more delicious.
The frosty windows tell the story of summer, however, the light begins to fade about 3:30 in the afternoon.

Our desserts arrived to end our repast.  A panna cotta with quince and gingerbread and a local cheese selection with chutney and oat crackers. 

Listening carefully, we could hear Christmas carols coming from the bar.  Antlers bobbed  on heads along with Santa hats and stars as all gathered round a musician playing the familiar---and some not so familiar---tunes of Christmas. 
Cheer was had by all   inviting all to join in song.
Exiting from the cozy room, the chill winter moon greeted us.  All were filled with the warm feelings of the holidays.
Smiles warmed us in the winter night.  If you are ever in the Frillsham area of the UK, visit The Pot Kiln.  I imagine that it is gorgeous in the warmth of summer.  The Pot Kiln