Friday, June 21, 2013

A Birthday With Many Adventures

Many, many thanks for all the wonderful wishes for my birthday.  As there is never a "normal" day here, I thought you would like to see what my special day brought.
First, a delightful if not messy breakfast via Skype, with our daughter and grandson in London...
Joe, Amy, and I then journeyed south to the shores of the Mediterranean for lunch in Bouziques.
The mussels are brought in fresh from the bay by
these gentlemen who were sitting next to us enjoying their seafood lunch.
Next, of course, was a walk on the beach to look for seashells.  I'm sure I need more to add to my collection.
Back in Uzes, we went to a new bar, Au Petit Jardin, for a bottle of champagne with our daughter and son-in-law (beau-fils in French).  Yum!  Off from there to a favorite restaurant, Terroirs, for a quick dinner before.....
joining the La Gramiere wine truck where we served wine to those attending the Uzes Dance Theater.
Before the theater began, several joined a study group in the gardens.  The medieval  tower is of the large church.  Originally there were two, however, one has been destroyed.  The night was warm with a sliver of a moon overhead.
Before we arrived home, it was already someone else's birthday.  I hope they had as wonderful day as I did.