Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yellow to Orange to Purple to White

In the neighboring village of Uzes during the Truffle Festival, tables were set outside in the Place aux Herbes for the once a year truffle dinner. Each menu had truffles used in unique ways (ours was the hamburger with slices of truffles. See my previous post.). Each table was adorned with the winter yellow mimosa blossoms and fresh oranges. We had the burst of yellow blossoms on our table at home, a wonderful inspiration for writing on a chilly winter's day. Trees had the beginnings of the tiny vibrant blossoms.

The market was filled with the orange of the citrus winter fruit. Oranges appeared decorating tables, in candle holders, and carried with the green of the tree in market bags.

Now, the wisteria hangs gently over the ancient stone walls of the villages. The purple a greeting to spring. My daffodils are in bloom in the courtyard, another sign that warmth is arriving again.

Ah, but here in Colorado, our color remains white. Maybe in another month, we shall see some of the colors of the South of France.

Happy Spring-----almost,