Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hooray! We finished!

This is what we have been picking. The Syrah is a grape that likes to tangle itself around the wires and other branches taking lots of time to pick. But yesterday, we finished. Placing that last case on the tractor, there was a sign of relief.

The grapes were delicious and the wild boars have been enjoying them for dinner. One vigneron told me to always taste the grapes remaining on a cluster that the boars have eaten. They will be the sweetest of all the grapes. The mildew also took its toll by leaving just dried grape branches. Another vigneron told me when the weeds thrive and are green at this time of year, the fruits will not be many. The weeds and grass were very green and the fruit is not plentiful---too much moisture. Ah, but this moisture is good for next year.

The colors in the vineyards are beginning to shout. Each type of grape leaf changes differently. Soon the countryside will all be in shades of red.

To add adventure to the day, Amy threw a stick for Daisy to run after. Daisy does love that, however, Amy also threw her car keys, house, gate, tractor, and shed keys along with that stick. The landing place? A wonderful Brer Rabbit briar patch. We haven't found them yet.

What did both Joe and I say this afternoon? We missed going to the vineyard. The days outside were crisp. The people, who helped us pick all volunteers, were a delight. The lunches in the vineyard were filled with jabbering and laughter. What fun it has been-----and all for the 2008 La Gramiere.

À bientôt,

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