Sunday, September 7, 2008

On the List---Dinner in the French Countryside

Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine the crimson sunset over the rolling hills covered in neat rows of vines all laden with dark, purple globes waiting to be picked. Now picture a tiny, one lane country road leading to this single sign---Le Mazet. What is this place? We only see the back of a honey colored building. Walking around the side, we find the most wonderful terrasse covered with vines all aglow with a soft yellow light. Under this canopy are tables waiting to be filled with those anticipating a French country meal. Here we sit for an unforgetable evening.

Amidst welcomes by the two proprieters (along with his two sisters, who were not there), we found our seats. The menu arrived on a board and was explain thoroughly to us. Amy and Matt had been there before so knew the sisters. ( ) Their mother had been the chef at the restaurant until she was needed to work the vineyards, one vineyard having been in the family since the 1400s. He had returned to reopen the restaurant.

The meal, as he said after I complimented him on it, was very simple and it was. The flavors were delicious. Herring, barracuda, steak, seafood, baby pork, tellines, and desserts.

The crescent moon slide down below the hills and the stars with no lights to hinder their view of earth looked upon us as we left. A night in the French countryside---put this on your list of things you must do.

Restaurant Le Mazet
Saint Marcel d'Ardèche
04 75 90 50 46

À bientôt,

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  1. What a bucolic, lovely spot! Sounds fabulous! Thanks for taking me along!