Friday, September 12, 2008

Roll Out the Barrels.....

Isn't the next line, "We'll have a barrel of fun."?

No, we did not pick yesterday. Wednesday evening, Amy announced that we would wait. The storms were not suppose to be as bad as predicted and the Mistral, strong northern winds, were to arrive to dry the rain. Our plans had changed again. Sooooo, what wonderful project would await us? One that I had never had on my list of things that I needed to do.

They are using barrels for some of their wines this year. The barrels were in the front of the house and needed to be transferred to the back of the house---only a short walk on the busy street, around the corner, into the back yard, along the sidewalk and down six steps to the perfect spot to fill them with hot water. No problem! As you can see it was team work. We only had to do four of the ten barrels, today! I am sure the others will soon have to make the trip.

Of course, that does not end their adventure. After emptying the water, they will be go up the six steps, into the winery and be hoisted to the tops of the cuves (vats) where they will rest. Another thing not on my list.

Yes, the rain did come in sheets. Now, for the winds. And the next picking date? Who knows! The grapes will tell us.

À bientôt,

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  1. Wonderful shots of the beautiful surroundings--love those gorgeous barrels, too!t