Thursday, September 4, 2008

Imagine this day

If you happen to be a gentleman of the village, your days are rather full of excitement. After ambling to the bakery for your morning bread, you will probably go to the bench at the end of our road to enjoy the sun and keep track of who is passing. After a leisurely chat with others, you will jaunt, all be it slowly, to the park across the way. Under the filtered light of the plane trees, the remaining day will be spent playing boules (petanque) with your assembled colleagues. Ah, what a fine day.

As I walked through the village a couple of days ago, I noticed that the park was covered with falling leaves. This could be a problem (as you can see by our statue who is thinking about it) to the anticipated players. Ah, but our wonderful village workers began sweeping the area so the game could continue.

Tomorrow---oh, it will be about the same. And if you wish to add a new dimension to your life, I know just the bench to begin on.

À bientôt,


  1. So true, Oh how so very true!

    I remember well as a child growing up in Lismore where the benches in the centre of this very small town were occupied by the superannuated people who were now wisdom driven and were regarded as sages and the font of all knowledge by us youngsters!
    How hard we tried to be invited into teir company where we learnt all matters that could only be imparted in a "University of Life" and helped make us what we are today!
    So good to know that all is alive and well in the "University of Life" and that caches of wisdom can still be found across the world!
    Long may it continue and thank you Cindy of reminding us so well of how lucky we were and are!


  2. Sounds just heavenly to me. Sigh!...beautiful images. Love the statue and leaves to the side. classic!