Friday, September 19, 2008

I Am Sleeping Very Well, Thank You

Oh, yes, we are finally picking. Late Tuesday evening, I got a call from Amy saying we were beginning in the morning. "Oh, can you make your French muffins for the morning." Aren't children wonderful?

Picking began because:
1. Rain was predicted for Thursday
2. The grapes were ready---how did we know? Because,
3. The wild boars (sangliers) were eating them (An animal I know it mother must love)

So we began on a perfect cool day. We finished one vineyard and yesterday we were onto the largest of the vineyards. We stopped about four o'clock---well, not exactly stopped as we had another three hours of destemming the grapes and cleaning the buckets and crates to be ready for the next round of picking.

Yes, it did rain about a half an inch last night which left a lot of moisture on the grapes,not especially good for adding to the wine. Alas, we are not picking today. Tomorrow, according to the biodynamic calendar, is a black day, therefore, we will not pick until Sunday. It will be time to prepare more food and go to the markets, and oh, bottle about 400 bottles of last year's wine.

The people who are helping us are wonderful. Our neighbor, Axel who is from Germany but has had a home in Vers for 30 years, has been in the vineyard everyday and enjoyed showing off his University of Denver shirt. And our little ones, Ellie and Cole, ate a little and giggled a lot.

À bientôt,


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