Friday, July 1, 2011

Behind the Closed Doors

Summer arrived as a celebration here in Vers Pont du Gard.  Our village celebrated with the opening of many Cours et Jardins, courtyards and gardens most hidden from eyes for the remaining days of the year.  
Tucked away behind these ancient walls were marvelous displays of sculptures, paintings, ceramics, mobiles, carvings, jewelry, quilts and handmade books.  
 This door opened to the most wonderful garden art.  Yes, Joe had to have an object from this artist, Joelle Moine .
 Another gate allowed one to enter a Provencal home of the 1800's (well, probably much earlier).  The art was delightful, however, to see the home as it was at that time was extraordinary. 
 The following door opened to glittering jewelry and hand bound books.  Notice these doors carefully.  One is the French trompe l'oeil or to fool the eye.
 Upon entering this gate, an array of ceramics and pictures were revealed.  However, the most amazing art in this garden was the owners wood "pile", leftovers from his vineyard.

 Our cour or courtyard was going to become the home for Jenny Avenel, an artist from the village of Poulx.   As you can see, we had some work to do before she arrived.

 Saturday morning after a brief rain shower the sun along with Jenny and her husband arrived.  Our cour became her art gallery.

 The accordion player venture in to fill the air with his music.
 Our house welcomed visitors for the two days of the festival.
 Flowers filled the unexpected niches in walls and
 entryways became galleries
 of artists we enjoyed meeting.
Ulie Bremer
 Music floated through the air inviting onlookers to dance in the street.
 Plan on being in France next June.  Once again the streets will be filled with the sounds of music and visitors to our cours et jardins
Hmmm, I wonder what is behind this door?

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  1. So this is the life I've been dreaming about! It is perfect, nothing to change.. but myself.