Thursday, January 15, 2009

Café Creme? No!

I know, I know, we are all eating healthy after the fun filled holidays. However, January is almost three quarters gone, and it is time for.....a visit to our favorite pastry shop in Uzés, Savarin. As you can see, even grown men enjoy looking in the window and dreaming.

It was market day and it was cold. I had bought some linen for hanging at an upstairs door to keep out the cold and right across the street, calling to us, was Savarin.

Today, Joe, with his chocolate Black Forest cake in multiple layers, and I, with a meringue filled with a layer of chocolate mousse and pistachios, made out way to the Place aux Herbes for coffee and people watching under the warm heat lamps at Terroir.

Café, no thank you. Vin chaud for us today. A warm glass filled with spiced wine, currents, and raisins helped to warm the morning.

No, we couldn't forget to try some of Savarin's winter desserts. Always remember, chocolate is a bean so it must be on the government food triangle in the vegetables!

Hugs, Cindy

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  1. I have gained weight reading your blog! Have fun, Laura Wilson