Monday, January 12, 2009

Time Passes

On the mornings that our church has mass, the bells toll happily to invite the town's people to the charm of our church. ( Listen to the first sounds at the bottom of the page.) People walk down our street, cars arrive, and voices sound in the passageways, all traveling by foot to the church at the top of the hill.

After pruning grapes in the vineyard all day and trying to stay awake, the darkness brought the droaning of these same bells, announcing the death of a villager. Upon awaking this morning, again those bells tolled (In second picture at the bottom you will hear their song.).

Before going to the vineyards,I walked to the Mairie (the town hall) , and found the condolence book for two villagers. There, as people passed, they signed the books for the families. The book will remain outside the Mairie for people's thoughts.

Time passes, but the old traditions remain in Vers Pont du Gard.

And we, in America, must pay for our notice in the newspaper to tell others of a death. Hmmmm!


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