Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Has the Fève?

Today, January 6th, is twelve days after Christmas or Epiphany. Since the Middle Ages, this day has always been celebrated with La Galette des Rois or the Kings' Cake. In France all of the boulangeries have their counters fill with these special cakes. Here in our bakery you can see the two different cakes, one made with puffed pastry and filled with frangipane, an almond paste, most seen in France, and the brioche which is from our area which is decorated as a crown. The candied fruits made wonderful jewels in the midst of winter.

The fun part is the fève. It is a small porcelain figure (in the Middle Ages it was a bean---well, all the way into the 1800s) found within the cake. The lucky person who finds it will become king or queen for the day wearing a bejeweled crown which always accompanies the cake from the bakery. The fève can be an animal, a person, or as we got, a figure of Ron from Harry Potter.

Last week we had coffee with our neighbors and enjoyed both of these cakes. As you can see, we have two kings, who did enjoy their power---only for a short time. (Axel and Joe)

Celebrate today with La Galette des Rois and maybe you will become royalty too.



  1. I am getting hungry reading this - those pastries look absolutely delicious!! Love the blog also - Laura Wilson