Sunday, May 22, 2011

If You Have Visited Us Before...

Ah, if you have visited us in Vers Pont du Gard you know that we have had a good baker.  To walk up the hill in the warm morning sun, the aromas from the freshly baked bread always greeted you.  Now, with our new baker, the aromas are much more complex.  Yes, the bread, croissants, pan au chocolat are all wonderful, however, the pastries are divine.  Joe arrived home with this-
What a wonderful, healthy lunch it was.
Hooray, Dominique!
Doesn't this make you want to visit us again?
Enjoy the sun,
Le Fournil du Pont du Gard
1 Rue Grand du Bourg
30210 Vers Pont du Gard, France
04 66 37 36 79
Michèle and Dominique Quelo


  1. Sounds just wonderful.


  2. Only the French can throw an entire basket of fruit on top of a tarte and create a work of art!
    Merci for the Floss tip!!