Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Has Arrived---And So Has Wednesday---

We can tell it is Spring here in Vers Pont du Gard, because John and Joe took the picnic table down from Jean and John's grenier (attic).....
Our picnic table winters at their home.  It is quite portable...two wooden saw horses and a refinished door!
The chandelier has been hung in the laurel rose and new candles added anticipating the evening sky.
The windows are dressed in their Spring finery.
....And Amy, our daughter, is sending over boxes of opened wine, with just one glass taken from them, signaling her tasting (and writing about the wines) for the Bettane and Desseauve Grand Guides des Vins de France 2012.  We know it is Spring!
And when Spring arrives, so does Wednesday Pizza Night on rue Bourg Riant.  The pizza truck arrives, pizzas are ordered, and we eagerly "test" those bottles of wine.
Friends gather at the table for delicious salads of the south, the wines,
and lots of giggles.
 Finally, finally, dessert has been eaten and Rony (in the gray sweater) and Martine (with her colorful scarf) pour their Caribbean vanilla rum for us all to savor. 
A toast to the first Wednesday pizza night of 2011!
In the silence of late evening, Linda returns home with her empty bowl to be filled once again next Wednesday.
Happy Spring!

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